Who we are

Who We Are

The dream of starting Young Tarang restaurant was born with Ram Darshan Chaat House. In fact, during the operation of Ramdarshan Chaat house, it was decided to set up a chaat establishment in Indore which would be known for its taste more than its name, but for this money was needed which was a big problem.

For this difficult task, the owner of the establishment, Gunjan Sharma, left his country and family and went to Dubai where he earned money through hard work and then returned to Indore and started with a shop of 100 square feet in 56 dukan with the name- Young Tarang restaurant.

Young Tarang restaurant was started by Gunjan Sharma with just four staff members with four items including pani puri, chole tikiya, pav bhaji and masala dosa. The establishment grew over time with the hard work of Sharma and his employees. Along with the growth of the restaurant, there has been an increase in food and drink items which include food varieties like South Indian, Chinese, Punjabi food, Poha, Sandwiches, Jalebi, Kachori, Samosa, Aloo Bada and tea.

Young Tarang Restaurant at 56 Dukan Started from a single shop in the year 2000, but with its taste and love of customers, Young Tarang Restaurant has grown into a family of five shops and 20 employees.